Zach McNair

Moda Spira — Divorce

We worked with Latifah Alattas to provide art direction and photography for her second album under the Moda Spira moniker titled Divorce.

Moda Spira


Latifah Alattas is no stranger to creating art through her pain. A few years ago, we worked with her as she was completing an album in celebration of her marriage. Fast forward a couple of years, we were honored when she called us again to work with her—this time as she was completing an album on the dissolving of that marriage.

Role: Art Direction, Design, Photography, Grading


Production Credits

Art Direction by McNair Haus & Moda Spira
Photography & Design by Zach McNair for McNair Haus
Divorce Titling & Illustration by Annie Herzig
Styling & Makeup by Latifah Alattas & Hannah Killian
Photography Assistance by John Dale

Film Credits

Director/Producer: Latifah Alattas
Filmed by Clark Hutt & John Dale
Edited by Clark Hutt
Colored by Zach McNair
Titles by Annie Herzig
Music from the upcoming Moda Spira album
Interview Excerpt From: Upcoming Documentary “Live Your Verse”
Interview Director/Producer: Art Hooker
Interview Camera Cinematography: Danielle Blevins
Interview Audio Engineer: Hayden Heard